Are you in the process of holding an event? Maybe you’re a professional or an expert. You are thinking of having a workshop for your clients to take them through some issues. Or else, you want to hold a business conference. Your organization has come up with a new solution. You’re planning to train teams on how to use it. One of the activities for making this event is inviting participants. Hence, selling tickets online or offline is a major activity. However, you’re facing one obstacle.
Your organization website does not support virtual ticketing. Or else, you want a new site for selling tickets online for this and future events. While this is your plan, finding a suitable e-commerce platform to build the site is a headache. All solution you come across has negative reviews. Current users are expressing their frustrations. If you are in this state, and you have your marketplace located in the United Kingdom, you need to consider Shopify. Here are the four super reasons why it is the best option for building online ticketing store:


Imagine, your event is a few weeks away. You need to set up a website and sell your tickets within a short duration. Since you do not have adequate finance, involving third party marketers is not your option. You want to take the whole cake home. Unfortunately, you lack technical and coding knowledge. You’re in frustration. If this is your case, you have a reason to smile. Shopify is the best thing you will come across. This e-commerce platform allows you to build an online store within minutes. You need zero coding knowledge. Hence, computer literacy is all you need to take your business online.


One of your objectives when selling tickets online is to reach out to a large audience as possible. But imagine this: you were targeting to sell 10,000 tickets. Upon hitting 2,000 sales, you start crashing. Customers are getting an error. How would you feel? Your option will be involving other people or settling to work with the few attendees who bought the event ticket before the web crash. This situation is a disappointment. Going to a scalable platform and one offering unlimited bandwidth is the solution from such frustrations. Shopify comes with these elements as the basic features. So, when you build your online ticketing store on it, you’re certain all will be well. With it, web crashes will be a thing of the past.


Selling tickets online is no different from other e-commerce businesses. You need to assess its progress. Whether you’re selling personal event tickets or you do it for other ventures, it is a wise idea to assess your business performance. Any business absorbs some cost. Hence, you need to know whether the investment is worth or not.
For this reason, your e-commerce platform should contain features and tools for achieving this objective. Shopify leads the rest on this arena. It provides powerful and reliable tools to garner information on your business progress. Hence, you always make informed decisions.


No doubt, most people use their mobile devices to access online services. Online Buying and selling are slowly moving from PC and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Ticket buying and selling is no exception. People are seeking for events that allow them to use their mobile devices to purchase tickets. Shopify ensures you do not miss such opportunities. The platform offers different apps and highly responsive templates. Hence, your customer will have a unified buying experience whether they purchase your ticket through mobile or PC.
In a word, Shopify is a good idea when setting up an online ticketing store. Consider it.

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